NFL Jobs That Aren’t Playing Football: Careers in Football

Football is part of real life, and if you’re not dribbling in the field, you’re somewhere cheering a favorite team. Nevertheless, there are those football enthusiasts who would like to associate with the sport in a special way – neither as spectators nor players, but rather to turn it into a career.

Luckily, the National Football League has something to offer for those who aren’t stars in the field. You can qualify for a job at the NFL without prior football experience. It all depends on your professional background in the area you’re interested in.

About the NFL

Headquartered in New York City, the NFL is an American football organization that’s made up of 32 teams. The teams are divided into two conferences: the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. 

The American football organization hosts some of the best athletes in the world with exceptional skills in the field. The league draws fans from different parts of the world, increasing in popularity every year.

The NFL is classified as a non-profit organization, so it’s exempted from taxes. Nevertheless, it’s one of the organizations that record the highest profits in America. In 2019, the NFL recorded a revenue of about $25 million, raising questions as to whether it should be considered non-profit or not.

The NFL is owned by each of the 32 teams, each being its own entity. Roger Goodell is the league’s commissioner, representing the interest of team owners. 

The league’s national revenue consists of television contracts, as it owns a television channel and other licensing and merchandising deals. It generates its local revenue from ticket sales and corporate sponsorship.

Non-Football Careers as NFL

A career at the NFL doesn’t have to start from the field. Since the organization owns and operates a television channel, you may land a good job in the media industry. So if you’ve got media-related experience, you’re better placed.

Some of these media-related opportunities include a career in digital media, film production, network production, and a position at the league’s Total Access.

In addition to this, the organization houses several departments that are always looking for qualified applicants in different fields. Some of these departments include:

  • Human resources
  • Finance
  • Public relations
  • IT and security
  • Legal advice and contracts
  • Marketing

To qualify for a job in any of these departments, you must have a strong professional background in the given field. However, you don’t need prior experience in a sports-related industry. You may also have a slight advantage over other applicants if you’ve associated with the NFL at some point. 

The organization keeps updating its job database. As such, you can always check their website to see the available opportunities.

Team Jobs at the NFL

Individual teams can also hire for the roles listed above on behalf of the league. You could land a job in accounting, human resources, or marketing. In addition to this, they also have positions such as medical support, coaching, receptionists, and video coordinators. 

There are also operation roles at team levels that need to be taken up by professionals. For instance, each team needs someone to oversee their stadium and workout facilities, an expert to take care of their practice and game fields, and someone to be in charge of their travel department. If you’ve got the required expertise, you can take up these roles.

NFL Internships

The football organization also offers entry career opportunities to young people. Whether you’re still a student or a fresh graduate, you can take part in the organization’s junior rotational program. 

The program takes six months but can be extended to a year. During the internship program, interns can work in different locations and take up some of the roles in any of the league’s departments, depending on their qualifications. 

Most of these internship roles focus on finance, football operations, media relations, sales and marketing, public relations, and international marketing. 

They also have the summer internship program whereby young people are given the opportunity to work on specific programs while being exposed to other areas in the sports and media industry. The roles are more or less the same as what’s offered in the junior program.

However, NFL Films offer separate internship programs for interns who would like to get into film production. 

It’s exciting to be part of a successful organization like the NFL. Even if you’re not good at sports, you can join the league as a film producer or any other role that you qualify for. Just check their career website and see the opportunities available. 

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