New NFL Helmets: Everything You Need to Know

Although matches are essential to fans of the NFL, we cannot overlook the safety of the players. In this respect, the NFL has come up with some professionally designed helmets which will and keep the players safe in case of accidents while on the field and may even protect them against COVID-19 with material in the helmet also found in N95 masks.

To enforce the new NFL’s safety guidelines, the NFL has prohibited the use of the old helmets, making it compulsory that players should use the new ones. The early versions of the NFL helmets used foam padding, which cannot limit the rate of concussions that happen when players collide and struggle for the ball. Within 2016-2017, 16 percent of NFL players suffered concussions. As a result, the authorities of the NFL consider it paramount to take precautionary steps.

The new version comes with thermoplastic urethane cushioning (TPU), and it’s far better than the old helmets with mere regular foam padding.

It absorbs the shock that should have affected the brain. The new helmet is called VICIS Zero1, and each costs $950.

The Making of the New Helmet

The helmets are the products of a combination of efforts between the NFL and NFLPA, along with some bio-mechanical experts who have been working on the visors, as well as their protective labels, for half a decade now. The new helmets, which are praised for their ability to protect the users, are labeled green; the ones which are suitable but not so protective get the yellow labels, while those that are considered unsafe and unsuitable are given the red labels.

Apart from the fact that those masks could withstand collision and guard the brain, it also comes with a protective mask against the novel coronavirus. Oakley is the company assigned to design the new helmets for NFA players, and the helmets may be like the N95 or surgery masks, which flex like the bumper of a car when a collision occurs. This is a great way to mitigate the spread of the virus.

Also, the Oakley-designed prototype has tinted glasses designed to be fog-resistant.


Since humans have different attitudes to anything new and strange, some players have complained that the newly designed doesn’t seem to give them enough space for sighting. Some mention that the fact that the helmet is new and strange makes it difficult for them to keep it on their heads. They must have been so used to the old ones that they feel they can’t do without those. However, since safety is more important and the NFL has seen how paramount their players are, they have compelled each player to wear the new helmet for matches and training. It looks like there is no room for opposition to the new helmets.

This new VICIS Zero 1 helmet has been adopted by more than a thousand high school programs throughout the US and has purportedly earned over $100 million. Also, since the helmet has been chosen over the old ones after a series of rigorous tests, it might be better for players and alike to support the new mask, since it’s vital for safety.

While the NFL is concerned about safety, the opinions of the players who are going to wear the visors cannot be entirely deposed. Therefore, if any player considers the introduction of the VICIS Zero 1 as unsafe, they should carry out their investigations and prove that the helmets could damage the face more than the former. However, if there is no proof against the new mask’s safety, then VICIS Zero 1 has probably come to stay. Nonetheless, pending the continual fear of the pandemic, the safety of the players is more vital than any form of affiliation to any design.

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