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Best Fantasy Football Podcasts: Dominate Your League

Fantasy football players are always contemplating every move, even in the off-season. Even for newbie fantasy football enthusiasts, it’s easy to get caught up in the wave of information that has to be processed for a successful season. From offseason roster moves to training activities and random player news, each bit of information can impact how well the fantasy season will go.

Consequently, for most fantasy football players, simply reading an article in a magazine doesn’t cut it anymore. For players that still do this, at the end of the day, they end up reading the same generic stats and cheat sheets as the competition. As a result, it’s hard to gain a competitive edge in their respective leagues.

Thankfully, with new media, there are other ways that fantasy football players can get the information they need to move up the rankings in their leagues. With the increase in popularity of fantasy football came the advent of podcasts. 

Thanks to the best fantasy football podcasts, fantasy enthusiasts can quickly get up to speed for a draft on the horizon. These podcasts continuously serve fresh, interesting, and compelling analysis that can make a difference. However, since there are thousands of podcasts out there, fantasy football players must pick the very best ones to listen to. Below is a list of the top fantasy football podcasts that provide top-notch fantasy content and analysis.

RotoUnderworld Radio

This is one of the best fantasy football podcasts because it goes against the “accepted” format. Host Matt Kelly is renowned for pushing against the mainstream. He dismisses surface analysis in favor of hardcore truths. These truths are driven by years of analysis and backed by evidence.

Therefore, for the fantasy football players looking for something that is different from the mainstream, RotoUnderworld Radio is a great place to start. In addition, the depth and quality of the information it provides makes it a spectacle for any fantasy football player.

The LateRound Podcast

The LateRound podcast is a pure fantasy genius. It is hosted by the writer of the book The Late Round Quarterback, J.J Zachariason. As a result, listeners can bank on the wealth of information he provides. More importantly, he covers every single fantasy football topic under the sun. If there’s anything that’s confusing, this is the podcast to get the answers from.

J.J Zachariason uses a teach-and-tell method to keep listeners on their toes. He does the heavy lifting in terms of research and analysis. However, he also encourages listeners to give the process a try. For newbie fantasy football enthusiasts, this is the place to grow.

Rotoviz Radio

Rotoviz radio is fueled by the brightest minds in the world of fantasy football. One of the best football podcasts in the country, it helps players by finding competitive edges that can be turned into victory.

Instead of podcasting based on personal opinions and likes, Rotoviz radio focuses on making the subscriber understand the results of the best of advanced analytical tools. The podcast team uses a combination of content on their websites and update analysis results to entertain and help listeners. From dynasty to best-ball and redraft, they cover everything in detail. 

The Fantasy Footballers

Three heads are certainly better than one. That’s true of this top-notch content. It’s hosted by the trio of Jason Moore, Mike “The Hitman” Wright, and Andy Holloway. Together, the trio offers a holistic approach to fantasy football that has fans flocking to listen. 

Why is this one of the best fantasy football podcasts to listen to? For starters, all three hosts are top of the yearly fantasy football expert ratings. Secondly, they offer special strategy sessions and an in-depth analysis of fantasy football players. Finally, it features trademark humor that makes each episode an interesting listen.

FantasyPros Podcast

FantasyPros is one of the best fantasy football podcasts that players should give a listen to because it covers all fantasy formats. Furthermore, the content is well optimized to ensure that it is relatable for both newbie and experienced players. 

Hosts Mike Tagliere and Bobby Sylvester leverage the rankings and analysis of experts to enable listeners to think like a pro! No matter how complex the stats and analysis may be, the FanstayPros podcast breaks it down into easy-to-understand figures. To cap it off, the two hosts offer free-flowing synergy that makes for premium content.

ESPN Fantasy Focus Football Show

From the ESPN brand, the Fantasy Focus Football Show offers something that most podcasts don’t have access to — an inside track. From time to time, the hosts are able to feature guests, top-rated experts, and even players. As a result, they are able to provide wholesome fantasy football entertainment. 

However, it’s not just about entertainment. The ESPN Fantasy Focus Football Show also offers inside information, analysis, and tips to help players get their teams from the bottom of the league. Furthermore, for fantasy football players worried about injuries and possible transfers, this is the place to get genuine information.

The Audible

The hosts of The Audible have a cerebral approach to dissecting fantasy football tactics, analysis, and picks. Additionally, it features a diverse set of analysts that cater to a broad audience. Finally, they interact with fans. Therefore, it is possible for players to get their questions and opinions.

Another reason to listen to this podcast is the diversity in each episode. Sometimes, the team features an “On the Couch” session with experts. Other times, they provide previews into each division, conference, and team. Recently, they have started a preseason “Watch-List” series, where they carry out stand-alone analysis on each team. The Audible gets into the nitty-gritty of fantasy football podcasting. 

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